NATO watch straps have been in use for over 40 years by the military and have more recently become popular as a fashion accessory. A Nato strap is a great accessory to customise and reinvigorate the look of your watches, they are easy to fit and quickly interchangeable giving you an array of style options dependent on your situation.

    Nato Watch Strap, “Royal Navy” (with Brushed Matte Fittings)


    Nato Watch Strap, “Confederate” (with Gold Fittings)


    Nato Watch Strap, “Harley” (with Gold Fittings)


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Ordered a strap 5 days ago and paid for express shipping. Still have yet to receive any correspondence of any kind. Has it shipped? Who knows. Have sent them two emails, no response. Actually I did get a response, a bounce back from the second email telling me that the email address is no longer active. I am currently trying to cancel my order through PayPal. Avoid...Very dissappointed.
I have placed order in 8/23/2018 I have no feedback mail yet For me negative!
Very quick delivery .... thank you